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We offer website solutions for your e-commerce store, your blog or your purely informative website. If you need it on there, we’ll put it on there for you. Look ma, I can make it move with no hands.


On-site SEO makes web engines like your website & even better, makes people able to find your products or information. Being on the web and “BEING ON THE WEB” are two different things. Our SEO ninjas are armed to the teeth.



With a wide variety of available hosting packages, we are sure to be able to offer you with either a standard package or a custom designed one for your requirements. The only thing faster is greased lightning.


We offer graphic design to the public & to all of our clients, assisting with logo design, signage, corporate identity packages, branding & even printed products. We pay them in energy drinks & cookies & watch them go like the wind.

Some Happy Chaps

Never get left behind on Web or Mobile

In todays world where everyone is on the go, isn’t it nice to know that your site will be built responsively, to ensure seamless use on any platform & even on mobile devices.

Keepin’ it Flowing

Like any good business we have a workflow that keeps things moving quite nicely. It helps us to achieve the ‘wow’¬† score from our clients.

Project Research

The initial meet happens, we get acquainted and we get the initial brief of your requirements.

Da Basics

A rough design plan is put together, we tape it up, fold it over & bend it anyway you need it.

Spit Shine

We take the folded, taped basic layout & work our magic. Attention there, a little detail here & then its off for final approval.


The last of the tape is removed, wrinkles ironed out & then its live like a wire. Take a bow, jobs done, everyone’s happy.

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This is where you let me know if you are interested and ask how long it takes, what it costs* or just to chat. Alternatively you could still print out your correspondence and send it with a dinosaur**.

* ’cause undercutting pirates don’t just roam the 7 seas
** Please note dinosaurs are sold separately from a sketchy supplier